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What are the benefits of dehydrating food5 tray dehydrator

Drying food have been used on foods since antiquity.

The basic idea behind the excalibur dehydrator is the preservation of foods by the removal of the moisture content in the food so no bacteria can survive where there is no water therefore preserving the food.

Not only that it also keeps in the nutrients and enzymes allowing the taste to remain pure without the need to add any preservatives or additives.

The way the food dryer works is quite simple.

The parts that mainly consist of the dehydrator are a heating element that heats the food causing the moisture to be released, a fan which takes the warm air produced by the heat and forces it out through the vents of the dehydrator also allowing in fresh air which it takes in.

Most food are are dehydrated at approximately 130 degrees Fahrenheit with meats at slightly higher temperature of 150.

For best results there should be a consistent temperature with constant air flow.

If  temperatures are at a higher level the food will dry and harden on the outside with moisture still inside that will lead to spoiling of the food.

Excalibur Food Dehydrator – Quality at an affordable price

the excalibur dehydrator 4 tray model

The Excalibur dehydrator brand has been around for the better part of 30 years.

Their products have moved with the times by producing top quality products that have excelled in the production of dehydrators.

The main feature of these dehydrators that sets it apart from the competing brands is the horizontal airflow system.

It creates a steady stream of air flow that each tray receives independently at an equal amount while most other brands just produce the heat and not dispersing the heat to each tray resulting in an even, quality of drying that makes this dehydrator stand out from the rest.

The materials that are used in production of the machine are poly carbonate that doesn’t release harmful fumes once heated and is approved by regulatory departments worldwide.

Some models have built in timers that automatically switches off once this desired amount of time have elapsed.

For power outages the timer keeps track of drying times so you can recommence when the power is returned.

Is the excalibur dehydrator dishwasher safe?

Yes, the trays can be cleaned easily with no fuss or simply with a dry cloth with detergent.

The ovens are accompanied by manuals which will guide you through the process of how to succeed in the art of dehydrating.

With warranties of up to a year and extended at an additional low cost you can be sure that you are dealing with a quality product and an experienced manufacturer.

Best Place To Buy 

Buying directly from the manufacturer offers you the comfort of dealing with a organization that began in the 70s.

If for any reason there is a defect with the product it will either be replaced or be repaired without any question.

The company  prides itself on customer service which reassures the buyer.

It also has a number of shipping options with free delivery usually within the United States with international options also available.

With a range of colors to suit most tastes the dehydrator is a must for any kitchen.

Other advantages of buying the excalibur dehydrator from the manufacturer includes different recipes that they make available with cookbooks and tips that will keep you busy trying to decide what to dehydrate with a number of accessories that will compliment your machine.


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