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Dehydrated Fruit

Try Dehydrated Fruit For a Healthy Snack Alternative If you are like most parents around the world you are constantly trying to figure out ways to get your kids to stop eating junk food and start snacking on healthier alternatives! If you have tried ...Read More

The Extreme Dangers of Processed Foods

These days, it’s really no secret just how bad processed foods are for your body. With all of the recent scientific studies, the news of the dangers are circulating the online as well as offline worlds. Even with the realization of the harmful effects ...Read More

Preservation of Foods

Preservation of Foods Can Be Done In A Healthful Manner Unprocessed foods are the purist source of high quality nutrients we can feed our bodies. This is because modern processing removes the natural ingredients, often replacing them artificially. It is in your natural, fresh ...Read More


Q: Is a timer a must have? A: Getting a timer model is entirely up to you. If you get it, it will enable you to setup the machine to switch off automatically within maximum 26 hours. If you want to use it on ...Read More