Dehydrated Fruit

Try Dehydrated Fruit For a Healthy Snack Alternative

dehydrated fruit

If you are like most parents around the world you are constantly trying to figure out ways to get your kids to stop eating junk food and start snacking on healthier alternatives!

If you have tried and failed I can bet that you never tried dried fruit, dried fruit is a healthy snack that many kids love.

I know that you probably are thinking that I am crazy and since your kids won’t eat regular fruit there is no way they will eat dehydrated fruit!

One thing that dried fruit has going for it is that it is sweeter than its raw counterpart. Tell me what kid does not love a sweet snack?

I think that if you give dried fruit a try you might be pleasantly surprised at how well it goes over with your kids!

The next question that many people have is that if we want our kids to eat less sugar filled foods why are we offering them dehydrated fruit, because isn’t fruit a natural sugar source?

The answer is yes there is naturally occurring sugar in dried fruit, but the sugar is natural sugar.

Natural sugar is different and not as harmful as the refined sugars found in commercial junk foods.

Let’s take a deep look into what this means . It’s a fact that processed and refined sugar is in just about all junk foods. Refined and processed sugars are stored as fat almost instantly after they are consumed and enter the bloodstream. the quick absorption by the body cause many problems.

The biggest problem is that it makes you feel hungry again a short time later leading to more food being eaten.

In fact many experts agree that processed and refined sugars are the leading cause of obesity, its just plain bad stuff!

Compare this to the natural sugars found in dehydrated fruits, while the sugar still enters the bloodstream it takes a lot longer to enter it then refined sugar does.

This means that body has more time to burn the sugar as fuel and not store it as fat. But keep in mind that just because it is not as harmful as refined sugar you still cannot binge on natural sugar either.

Just eat sensibly and in moderation and you will be just fine.

As you can see dehydrated fruit is a great snack to offer your kids as a healthy alternative to junk foods.

The earlier you cans start your kids on healthy snacks the more likely they are to keep these healthy habits later in life.