Dehydrator Cracker Recipes

dehydrated crackers

With all of the talk lately about raw foods and their benefits, many are wondering about the articles referring to raw crackers, also known as raw flax seed crackers.

Raw foodists often have some standby recipes that they have on hand at the ready for those hungry moments.

There are dozens of recipes out there for raw vegan or flax seed crackers. You’ll also find many variations of the recipes. A basic flax seed dehydrated cracker recipe is one that is easy to prepare by vegans and non vegans alike.

All you need is a dehydrator that allows you to set the temperature.

Ovens are not recommended for these recipes as they are usually too hot to have a successful cracker without burning it.

Here is how you get started on your crackers:

Flax seeds (brown or golden)
food processor or water to soak seeds in overnight

Add your flax seeds to a mixing bowl and pur about two teaspoons of sea salt over the top. Now slowly pour about two and a half to three cups of pure water over the flas seeds. Adjust your water accordingly so that your seeds aren’t too wet or too dry.

Now you can add in any seasonings you wish to add. Many like to add in a tablespoon of Italian seasoning, caraway seeds, dried basil or other spices that they enjoy.

Experiment with flavors and mix and match to get the taste treat you desire.

Now you can add in any vegetables you wish to add. Great choices are tomatoes (we like sun dried), dates, celery or carrot juice (adjust water if using juice), finely chopped celery or grated carrots, anything that you like to eat is good to add in.

Now that you have everything in your “dough” it’s time to spread your “dough” out on your dehydrator sheets. Use the sheets that are for making fruit leather without holes otherwise you’ll find your cracker “dough” seeping through the porous trays.

Gently cut your crackers into the shapes you desire and carefully separate them from one another. Now turn your dehydrator on at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit and allow them to dry.

After about 10 hours place another tray over your first tray and flip your crackers over so that they will dry evenly and completely.

After about 10 more hours it’s time to begin checking to see if they’re done.

Take a bite and see how crisp your crackers are. Do they crunch? Do the snap in two or fold in half? If they fold in half then you’ll want to continue drying them a bit longer unless you prefer a softer cracker that bends and folds in half.

It’s really fun and easy to make your own flax seed crackers. With so many spices and vegetables out there it’s really easy to come up with some unique flavors and original recipes.

Raw foodies, vegans and non vegans all love these taste treats and since you can make them unique children often enjoy getting in on the fun and coming up with their own fun and unique recipes.

Who knows, you may just start a new trend on cracker eating in your house.