Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator Review

Choosing a dehydrator excalibur for your own use should depend on one important factor. How are you actually planning to use your home dehydrator?

Take into consideration how much food you actually expect to dry and consume. Are you just going to use it for the extra harvest from your garden?

Are you looking to sell your finished product? Or maybe it’s just for you and your family’s personal consumption?

Something like the The Excalibur 3926TB Dehydrator should perfectly suit your needs then. This food dryer machine is designed for large families, large gardens, crafts people and the like.

It is big enough for someone who needs to dry foods for a number of people and yet remains compact enough to fit comfortably in your home.

Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator

The Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator with Timer

This Excalibur 9 tray Dehydrator gives you 15 square feet of drying space and weighs in at around 20 pounds. Lightweight and compact enough, but won’t definitely let you run out of drying space.

Simply load up your trays, set the temperature and timer and you’re ready to go. With this Excalibur Dehydrator with timeryou can dry foods enough for the personal consumption of a large family with up to 6 to 8 members.

The flexible poly screen tray inserts ensure that your food won’t be sticking to the trays during the drying process.

The insert trays of this home dehydrator allow for air to naturally circumvent around, ensuring that anything you put on it will dry out evenly.

Food and yes, even clay art works, can definitely be dried out effectively by this machine. A big plus when it comes to clean up time! It can be quite annoying to get stuck with scrubbing out dried food bits stuck on a try.

With this baby, you won’t have problems with that anymore. Food is dried perfectly, leaving no unwanted bits stuck on – nothing is ever put to waste.

Just How Much Can I Dry With The Excalibur 39262TB Dehydrator?

It also has its own built in adjustable thermostat and 26 hour timer, ensuring that you will be able to dry your food perfectly, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Most foods need to be dried under different temperatures to ensure that all moisture can be properly squeezed out.

The adjustable thermostat makes it quite easy for you to shift between drying different kinds of food and materials, as well. And with a timer, you don’t need to worry that you will end up with an over-dried or under-dried food.

Simply set the timer and let the dehydrator do the work for you.

The Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator makes it easy to dehydrate larger batches.

There’s no need to rotate between trays since its 9 insert trays are more than enough to dry at least 8 pounds of food at a time.

Now, you won’t have any excuse to let all that extra produce from your garden go to waste. And with this food dryer’s 7 inch fan and built in on and off switch, convenience is literally at your fingertips.

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