Q: Is a timer a must have?

A: Getting a timer model is entirely up to you. If you get it, it will enable you to setup the machine to switch off automatically within maximum 26 hours.

If you want to use it on foods that require a longer time for drying, you may be better off with the model without timer. Grapes, pears, mango, apricots and other similar fruits need a long drying time.

This time is directly influenced by the air temperature and humidity as well as by the water content of the fruit.

Q: Will the timer work even while I’m not around?

A: Yes. The timer is motor-driven, which makes it operate even in case of a power supply fault.

Q: Which is the best size I should pick?

A: You can calculate the optimal size by taking into consideration that each tray has a size of 35cm x 35cm and holds maximum 2 kilos of weight. If you have a small family, you may want to choose the 5 tray dehydrator. For operating on a larger scale, you can go for the 9 tray one, which allows you to feed it 18 kg at a time.

Q: What’s the purpose of using Paraflexx sheets? Are they reusable?

A: Paraflexx sheets are useful in the situation of purees or other semi-liquid foods. They can be reused for multiple times.

Q: Are Paraflexx solid sheets included in the box with Excalibur Dehydrators?

A: No. For most foods, the dehydrator mesh should be enough. However, if you want to dehydrate semi-liquid foods, you’ll have to buy your Paraflexx sheets separately.

Q: Is there any recipe book included with the dehydrator?

A: You’ll find a “Users Guide” in the box. This guide includes several recipes. If you want more recipes and tips, you may want to get the “Preserve it Naturally” guide, which is much more detailed. This guide is available separately.

Q: How much warranty do dehydrators have?

A: All Excalibur Dehydrators come with a 5 Year warranty. Beware, this warranty is valid only for non-commercial use. Should anything break during these five years, Excalibur grants either repairing or replacing of the defective parts at no cost for you.

Q: How safe it is to use Paraflexx sheets with the dehydrator? Do they contain Teflon?

A: Only Paraflexx Premium sheets are coated with a thin layer of Dupont Teflon. Ultra Sheets contain silicone. Dupont Teflon sheets are safe to use at high temperatures and they are NSF approved to be used in a dehydrator, because they resists up to 204C (400F), while the maximum temperature in the dehydrator is only 68C. Reusing the sheets is also safe, as heat doesn’t cause them to chip or flake.

Q: Can I make Beef Jerky in my dehydrator?

A: You can. As a matter of fact, many Beef Jerky producers use dehydrators in the process of preparing the food.